The sea inlets are a unique natural environment in the world, a landscape of incredible beauty, of beautiful fine sand beaches and exceptional richness of marine fauna, where the earth enters the ocean creating sea mirrors in the shelter of the Atlantic waves.

The seafaring villa de Corme, is doubly blessed by its situation within the sea inlet and the impressive cliffs that are expanded in the rest of the coastline and are known as “Costa da Morte”..

From Finisterre to the Estaca de Bares, the Rías Altas are erected as unique natural ecosystems that provide shelters to migratory birds, which preserve species of native flora as the Caramina and, of course, that kept intact its waters rich in nutrients and have made of the Galician fish and shellfish the most valued of the world.

In the environment of the Tourist Apartments Playa de Osmo it is recommended to visit the impressive Cabo Roncudo with their white crosses that are reminiscent of the hard work of the “percebeiros” (barnacle fishermen), or reach the top of the cliffs and discover the village of O Roncudo, or cross on foot when the tide permits to the Island of Estrela, with its Celtic fort and cemeteries of unknown sailors.

And above all, enjoy its incredible white sand beaches, natural and collected by the Ría de Corme as the beach of Osmo, Balearethes, San Francisco, Laxe or the Dunas de A Barra or opened to the Atlantic ocean as Niñons.

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For seafood lovers, Corme is a paradise accessible to all where you can enjoy the traditional “a feira” octopus, tasty casseroles of fish or seafood, a salted bass or the traditional “sardines with brona bread (cornbread)”, essential in the summer nights.

But, without a doubt, the seafaring villa of Corme is famous for having the best barnacle of the world.

A unique seafood, with an intense sea flavor, coveted by the most prestigious international chefs and that, day after day is extracted from the rocks by the “percebeiros” that descend the walls of the cliffs of O Roncudo.

In mid-July in the seafaring villa of Corme occurs the most important gastronomic event of the Costa da Morte, the Festa do Percebe. A not to be missed visit for tasting the different forms of this valuable seafood in a typical marine festive atmosphere.